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Who is Lightswitch?
Lightswitch produces video for agencies, internal creatives, and marketers,

... from San Antonio to St. Paul, Trinidad to Tokyo, Poughkeepsie to Pluto - giving you on-location video production capabilities in an instant.

Whether you need a crew Thursday in Tulsa or a partner to give your creative team a boost, Lightswitch is there.

Let your creative team focus on ideas - we’ll handle the work. Any scale, any location - we'll take it from here.

What we provide
  • Worldwide Video Production Services
  • Project Management
  • Post Production
  • Motion Graphics & Animation
  • Creative Support
  • Scripting
  • Talent Management
  • Photography
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Can Lightswitch Produce the Video I Need?

Yes, Lightswitch offers comprehensive video production solutions for in-house creative teams, marketers, and agencies seeking scalable services. With our global reach, adaptable service levels, and a streamlined process, our clients entrust us to be the production arm to their creative body…

…but that's not all that we are.

Lightswitch, in its 10+ years of existence, always strives to be a true partner to our clients. We feel lucky every day we get to work alongside great creatives and produce work that makes us proud.

We're a small company that puts our team's quality of life first, and our client relationships a close second. We take immense pride when our staff is able to take parental leave, go on a vacation, or spend time on a passion project.

We're also proud of the new relationships we've formed and the clients who have been with us for over 10 years. We're confident that those "new client relationships" will, in time, become "old client relationships."

We're not anti-agency, we just want to help our clients produce great video creative, with only the necessary rigamarole (and costs). We want to jump in where our clients are struggling – no matter where in the creative journey – or in the world – . Our team is ready to meet you at your point of need, whether it involves conceptualization, scripting, storyboarding, or execution.

If you're looking for a video creative team that takes pride in the work they do, and more pride in the relationships they build…

Who has global resources and scale but a local touch.

Who is, as we like to say, "generally pleasant to work with."

Then please reach out - we're always happy to talk.

More video, more places, less hassle.

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