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08.09.2021 Talking Tech

Meet the Videographer: Patrick Janka

Patrick Janka Meet the Videographer

Here at Lightswitch we have videographers that we work with all across the country, and we think that it’s about time we introduce you to a few of them! In each installment of our “Meet the Videographer” series, we’ll be getting to know a new videographer -- from where they’re based, to how they got started, what their favorite films and TV shows are, and more!

For this next installment, we sat down with Patrick Janka, one of our videographers based in Orlando, FL. Check out what he had to say below.

Q: What originally got you interested in your current field of work?

A: As a lifelong connoisseur of the arts, I've always loved film and well-crafted cinematography. I wanted to express my creativity in the medium, as well.

Q: How long have you been a videographer?

A: I started in videography by shooting family vacations, comedic sketches with friends, and my own music and stand-up comedy performances. In 2010, I decided to take it more seriously by purchasing professional equipment and poring over tutorials. I found I had a knack for it and started getting paid work almost immediately.

Q: What's your favorite project you've ever worked on in your career so far?

A: I did a really cool project filming a group from Kuwait who won a company contest to visit Central Florida. I documented them going through astronaut training at Kennedy Space Center, riding a helicopter to St. Pete to do a zero gravity flight, and riding an airboat through the swamps.

Q: What's your favorite thing about working with Lightswitch? How many projects have you worked on with us?

A: I've worked on about 75 projects with Lightswitch. My favorite thing about working with them is the type and variety of projects. I also love the great communication and professionalism from the team, as well as prompt payments.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring videographers/filmmakers, or those looking to enter the industry?

A: With the state of technology, you don't need to spend a lot of money on gear to get amazing results. It has more to do with skill and a solid understanding of audio and light manipulation. Smartphones shoot excellent 4K and 8K footage, so if nothing else, you can start with the device you already own. It's important to be aware of current trends, but it's more important to develop your own style. Don't just copy what everyone else is doing. Lastly, focus on relationships and business skills.

Q: What's your favorite movie and/or TV show of all time?

A: My favorite movie is Vanilla Sky and my favorite show is Family Guy, but I absolutely love serial dramas like Sons of Anarchy, Handmaid’s Tale, and Ozark.
Want to work with our talented videographers? Get in touch to plan your next project! Feel free to take a look at our previous installment of this series with videographer Jacob Dean.

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