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11.30.2023 News & Culture

5 Takeaways from the 2023 In-House Agency Awards & Conference

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We recently had the incredible opportunity to attend the 2023 IHAF Awards, and let me tell you – it was a game-changer. As I reflect on the event, here are my top five takeaways that left me inspired and enlightened.

1. Internal Creatives are an Unstoppable Force of Support

One of the most heartening aspects of the IHAF Awards was witnessing the tremendous support internal creatives offered one another. It wasn't just about celebrating individual achievements; it was a collective acknowledgment of the power within in-house creative teams. The camaraderie and encouragement were palpable, proving that together they can learn how to bring change to the status quo.

2. I’m finally buying in to AI thanks to Andrew Davis

I'll admit, I've been somewhat skeptical about the effectiveness of AI in the creative process - it seemed like a lot of hype, a gimmick. However, Andrew Davis's presentation and his Andrewdini? made me a believer. His presentation showcased how it can be a valuable ally for internal teams. Consider me AI curious.

3. Great Work Knows No Boundaries: Spotlight on Creativity Across the US

The IHAF Awards did more than just celebrate work from the major creative hubs like NYC and LA. I’m ashamed to admit that even growing up in Iowa, and now a Chicagoan, I didn’t give my fellow midwesterners enough credit. We saw great work from coast to coast.

4. Internal Agencies Are Still Finding Their Voice

While the talent within internal agencies is undeniable, it's clear that they're still navigating the terrain of self-advocacy. Many internal agencies face self-esteem challenges, often downplaying their skills in comparison to external counterparts. The IHAF Awards shed light on the importance of internal agencies confidently championing their capabilities and asserting their place in the creative landscape.

5. Boston is beautiful and walkable

I’d never been to Boston, but I spent hours with my colleagues blindly wandering its beautiful streets. It’s old, gorgeous, classy, beautiful, very walkable and full of history that surprises you. I recall saying out loud to my coworker - “Wait, does that grave say Sam Adams?” I was already looking at flights back on the plane ride home.

The 2023 IHAF Awards were more than a celebration of creative achievements; they were a testament to the strength of internal creatives, the potential of AI, the diversity of creative brilliance across the nation, and the journey of internal agencies finding their voice. We’ll be attending every future IHAF event we get a chance to, and would encourage you to do the same.

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