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07.20.2023 Talking Tech

Creating customer testimonials for Television Ads (Part 5/7)


How to Create TV Ads Using Customer Testimonials

A great place to showcase your customer testimonials is on television ads. The audience watching TV ads differs a bit from other forms of media -- keep reading to learn some tips to capture (and keep!) their attention.


These folks may be more distracted than those for OTT or YouTube ads due to the length of commercial breaks for their show. They likely know they have enough time to get up and grab a snack or check their phone, so you need to catch their attention within the first few seconds of your ad.


  • Repetition
  • Consider creating a shorter testimonial that runs twice in the same time span as one TV commercial spot, or one that has only text instead. This breaks the traditional pattern of watching an ad and immediately moving on to the next, and can shake up a viewer’s expectations (which gets their attention).
  • Use influencers or celebrity endorsements
  • Their credibility works here too, and you get the unique opportunity to reach the influencer’s audience, borrow their credibility, and make yourself a talking point among their fans.
  • Vary visuals and sounds
  • The light emitting from your TV in a dark room can affect the light in the room itself, and a drastic change in color can draw the audience’s attention to your message. Change the background with your call to action to complement this, but do not overdo it (your audience won’t appreciate strobe lights - do not turn their living room into a 15-second party).

Advanced Tip: Tell an ongoing story by thinking of your ad as a mini documentary with compelling customer stories and problems being solved. This can engage a broad audience and increase their brand recall so they remember you when they have a need for your service (e.g., Flo and Jamie from Progressive).

Want to learn more? Read The Ultimate Guide to Customer Video Testimonials -- or contact us!

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